04 June 2009

Bad luck and big fish!

It's been a stressful last couple of weeks, something that I don't normally associate with fishing. It all started at the Gloucester canal where I landed a huge bream on
a lure which was a first for me. Harry and I went down to the Kennet and Avon canal where Harry hooked into a perch of around 2lb when a boat promptly started its engine, reversed and chopped the fish in half with the prop. Harry was not amused and a few choice words were directed at "Captain Meldrew" as he was nicknamed.

An evening session with Michael was a disaster from the start. First cast out with a Savage Gear 4play and a pike of around 16-18lbs was on and just as I bought the fish in, the lure which was only lightly hooked came flying out and ended up in a tree. A swift tug resulted in the 4play snapping off and ending up in the bottom of the lake. I leaned back against the wooden landing where I was fishing and then managed to tear a hole in my "very expensive but worth every penny" Airflo fishing suit. I'm sure Matt Hayes has had similar days, he just doesn't publicise them.

The last weekend of May and surely my luck would change. I checked over the boat prior to setting off and in a scene which closely resembled Basil Fawlty attacking his car I had noticed that the wheel bearing on one side of the trailer had collapsed. So instead of joining a couple of friends at Llangorse http://www.llangorselake.co.uk/lake.html on the saturday I spent half the day up to my elbows covered in grease and dirt.
So it finally conspired that with the curse still intact I took the boss, Andrew, and a mutual friend, Marcus, out to the most beautiful lake in Wales for a days piking. With the sun doing its best to cook us it was not going to be the best days fishing but it will always be remembered as one of the most enjoyable. We ended the day with a total of 14 fish but the biggest laugh was when my seat broke with an enormous "CRACK" to leave me floundering in the bottom of the boat doing my best impression of the "Dying Fly" while Andrew hastily took some photographic evidence which he has agreed not to post on the blog......yeah right!
Shortly afterwards my luck had changed and I finally got to land a ferocious 15lb pike. I slipped the fish back into the water together with the curse which had hung over me for the last week. Happy Days!

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