13 July 2009


Irish Team, Flextec Emerald Islanders, have qualified for the 2009 Airflo Anglian Water International Final, at Rutland Water in October of this year.

The team consisted of (left to right), pictured above in their new Flextec Tackle Design Fleeces

Top Row: Aidan Rose, Greg White, Arden Pollock, Mark Duncan
Bottom Row: Stevie Ellis, Sam McGowan

The boys travelled to Lynn Brenig in North Wales to compete in the Welsh Heat of this prestigous competition, against some of the top teams in the UK.

Finishing 4th overall, they have secured their place in the grand final where they will compete against some of the top teams in Europe including teams from France & Belgium.

They caught a total of 25 fish on the final day and Arden Pollock (Emerald Islanders) finished the second best rod of the day.

The lads would like to thank Andrew Train for all his help and support and will try exceptionally hard to promote his brand of Flextec at the International final in October. Cheers Andrew mate. We toasted you after our success.

Mark Duncan of the Flextec Emerald Islander with a superb 5.25lb Brenig Rainbow which he took during practise. This turned out to be the heaviest fish of the entire week on Lynn Brenig.

The Flextec Emerald Islanders meeting at lunch time during practise on Llyn Brenig

Arden Pollock's Flextec Rod, bent into a hard fighting Lynn Brenig Rainbow.

Arden with a lovely example of what Lynn Brenig has to offer.

Sam McGowan (Right) and Aidan Rose, stopping to a quick chat at the "Woods"

Mark Duncan "celebrating" after making it to the International Grand Final.

Mark..... Regretting, celebrating, after making it to the International Grand Final.
Cheers Andrew.

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  1. What an achievement in Wales...qualifying for the AWAI Final at Rutland. Who are people kidding when they say 'the Irish don't know how to catch Rainbows!' Bring it on!

    I must say a big thank you to Andrew and his team for his very generous and greatly appreciated sponsorship. We hope we can return the favour by publicising your brand as much as possible!

    Many thanks and maybe see you at Rutland!!!


    PS Our new fleeces were great!