06 November 2009

BBC Radio's Martin James, 'It's time for Grayling'

BBC's Radio Lancashire 'At the Water's edge' Martin James
'It's Time For Grayling'

How many of you are sitting at home thinking What am I going to do today, now the trout fishing season has ended. The answer is quite simple go chase the grayling often known as "The Lady of the Stream" a fish left over from the ice age. Grayling are a great game fish and are available from many rivers and streams throughout England Wales and Scotland.
Your river brown trout equipment will be suitable, Yes you will need a selection of nymphs and dry flies. Its surprising how often on the coldest of days, you will find grayling rising to a dry fly. Choose a selection of Czech and Polish Nymphs, A few leaders between 9 and 12 feet with a tippet point of 3lbs bs. Of course in the colder weather you will need some warmer clothes so that you enjoy the experience of being out in the countryside during the winter season. The price of grayling fishing is relatively cheap compared with the cost of trout fishing. Many stretches of river trout fishing costing a £100-00 a day can be fished for £10-00 a day when grayling fishing. So do not hang up your rod's for winter, get out there and have some exciting fun with Grayling.

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