02 November 2009

Swedish carping
Mikael Persson sent us his report on his Carp fishing in Sweden last week. It seems that carp fishing is becoming ever more popular in Sweden and having fished for everything from roach to salmon Mikka decided last year to concentrate more on his carp fishing. Fishing a local lake that he stocked with his father around 20 years ago Mikka baited the lake before doing his first night. Unfortunately his first night was uneventful and his return to carp fishing was a blank! Not deterred he returned the next week and fished for Four nights. The results this time where better catching one carp each night with the biggest being 14.3kg(31.5lbs). A cracking start to his campaign. For Sweden this is a large fish and the only other waters that contain bigger in the area are private. Mikka's son who is 14 decided he wanted some of the action and so the next trip they both set off for a couple of nights fishing.
A great start for his son saw him land 3 carp of 7.5kg(16lb 8oz), 10.8kg(23lb 10oz) and a cracking carp of 14.8kg(32lb 9oz). By the end of the summer his whole family where fishing with his Seventeen year old Daughter also catching a few good fish.
Tactics in Sweden are similar to the U.K with Mikka using Scopex and Banana boilies, fished snowman style with pop-ups on bolt rig set ups.

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