15 May 2009

Happy Birthday

I had the great pleasure of being woken by an overexcited 7 year old in the early hours of this morning. Presents were opened and wrapping paper covered the floor as Harry eagerly looked for the Action Man replacements, HM Armed Forces. I was a little disappointed as there was not a fishing lure in sight. Getting up early did have one advantage though and I spent 2 hours preparing for my assault on Zandermania tomorrow. http://zander-mania.co.uk/default.aspx . There are some great photos of the fish caught last year on the site but don't look for one of me as I blanked. Harry however managed a small pike to further shame me. He looks suitably scared while looking at last years winner Kev Taylor and his 14lb 15oz leviathan. With the preparation sorted, hopefully I'll have the lure in the water longer. The competition has been organised by a good friend, Gary, but there's no favouritism as he still won't divulge his best spots to me. The last fish-in that I attended, with LAS members,I was lucky enough to walk away with the top prize thanks to a 17lb 14oz pike. Lets hope that the luck hasn't deserted me. Harry will not be attending mainly due to the weather and I don't fancy following him into the canal after a strong gust of wind. He may wear a life jacket but swallowing any water from the Gloucester canal could possibly have long term genetic complications. He's been practising with me though and managed to land his 1st zander last week. Anyway, wish me luck as I possibly need it.

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