13 May 2009

Harry and Paul

Who? Harry and Paul? Well we're not the comedy duo of Enfield and Whitehouse, although seeing us fishing at times has great comedy value. My name is Paul and Harry is my 6 year old son and we are both avid anglers. Although I write a regular article in "Lure Angler" magazine and I run the Cotswold chapter of the Lure Anglers Society we are no different to any other father and son who love their fishing and together we fish all over the country in search of adventures, laughs and the fish of a lifetime. I've known Andrew, who is the boss of TackleDiscounts, for the best part of 20 years so when he "made me an offer I couldn't refuse" and asked me to write on the TackleDiscounts blog I just had to say yes. Any other answer and I feared waking up to a horses head on the pillow........or rather a cod head. So now that Harry and myself have joined the family, here we are in the public domain. Harry is the young, good looking one and I'm.................not. My one saving grace was that I have always been the one who catches the big fish but "times, they are a changing" and the young upstart has started catching a few specimens of his own as you can see.
So it's hello from me and it's hello from him. We both hope that you enjoy our adventures as much as we enjoy the fishing and just maybe you'll be encouraged to join the family.

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